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One accounting team for all of your bookkeeping, accounting, and tax needs.

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An accounting team to simplify the day to day to-do

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Improve Cashflow

By implementing strategies to increase revenue, reduce expenses, and streamline payment processes, you aim to ensure a healthy cash flow, allowing for timely bill payments, maintaining adequate reserves, and supporting business growth.

Minimize Your Tax Burden

By taking advantage of available deductions, credits, and exemptions, as well as effective tax planning and compliance, you aim to minimize the amount of tax you owe, maximizing your retained earnings and overall profitability.

Budget & Analyze

By setting specific financial goals and objectives, allocating resources appropriately, and regularly monitoring and reviewing your financial performance, you gain valuable insights into the financial health of your practice and can make informed decisions to optimize operations and achieve your desired outcomes.

What We Do

Get Your Accounts Reconciled

We match all of the transactions on your bank statements to your books and ensure everything gets reconciled including bank accounts, loans, and credit cards.

Send Invoices to Your Customers

We send invoices to your customers and then we follow up on outstanding payments to get you paid faster.

Pay Your Bills

We use Bill.com to issue payments to your vendors and contractors via ACH or hard mailed checks - we’ve even got a built in approval process.

Run Payroll

We have partnered with Intuit, Gusto, ADP, Paycor and more to ensure your payroll is accurate and on time. We process all of your payroll taxes and forms, health benefits, 401(k).

Remit Sales Tax

We will figure out what states you need to pay in, calculate and remit your sales and use tax for all 50 U.S. states.

Prepare Income Tax

We have a tax team dedicated to helping you develop the best strategy throughout the year and file your state and federal income tax returns.


We have CFOs and controllers on staff ready to help you with cash flow forecasting, budgets, profitability, pricing, vendor negotiations, and raising funds. Our CFO system is designed to help you achieve your business and personal financial goals.

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Innovative Tech & People behind the numbers

profit matters software platform

We provide business owners expert accountants powered by our software platform to give you confidence that your numbers are correct PLUS a real time dashboard. Finally, a modern accounting service curated just for you where you are getting the right numbers at the right time so you can make better business decisions.

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USA Accounting and Tax Services
USA Accounting and Tax Services

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We do account reconciliations, accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll, and just about any type of taxes including federal and state income taxes.

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Minimizing Your Tax Burden Worksheet

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