Finally, a CFO with a system designed to help me achieve goals

Gain a CFO who can help you develop a plan to map out what success looks like for YOU


Why do you need a CFO?  What’s your objective?  How do you get there?

No matter what your end game is, we’ll help you figure out a plan to get there as your strategic support partner -there with you every step of the way.  

We can customize a plan that offers you time with a Controller or a CFO.  We’ll follow a proven system with a guided workbook to walk you through your success each month. Along the way, we’ll help with everything high level you need.  


CFO Tasks

Cash flow
Creating Key
Indicators (KPI's)
Profit drivers
Sales planning
Root cause analysis
Payroll analysis
Accurate Estimating
/ Pricing
Fundraising and

Businesses looking to scale profitably bring on financial experts who can pay big dividends for a small investment.


Why go anywhere else when you can get an entire accounting department from one place?

Hire us to do your bookkeeping, accounting, CFO, and tax work.  That means one single point of contact for all of your accounting needs.  Fewer people to manage who are experts means more time for you to focus on your overall business strategy. 

Let us help you reach the next level. 

What our customers think

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Why and how they use Profit Matters

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Why and how they use Profit Matters

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Why and how they use Profit Matters

What aspects of your business do you think a CFO could help achieve?

Tell us what you think the most important aspect of your business would benefit from a dedicated CFO to get you where you want to be.

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Minimizing Your Tax Burden Worksheet

Assess your current tax situation and identify potential strategies for minimizing your business’s tax burden