What is Catch Up Accounting?

Catch-up accounting is a process of going over an organization’s historical bookkeeping, accounting, and money practices over a period of time and bringing them into compliance.

Many small businesses need some level of catch-up accounting. The fact is that small company owners are not accounting experts and managing your business’s growth and operations is your top priority. Financial accuracy, on the other hand, is probably not something you were thinking about

Yet, not having accurate books can mean a lack of access to loans, credits cards, and even free money. 

During the early days of the pandemic, the SBA was giving businesses PPP loans that were 100% forgivable and low-cost, and easy to qualify for SBA loans. The catch was you had to have accurate data to apply.


Regardless of how you've previously organized your finances, the time to get things straight is now.

Profit Matters has the knowledge and expertise to catch up on your books and develop a path forward.

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Why and how they use Profit Matters

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