Finally, bookkeeping and accounting made simple

Get all of your accounts reconciled, customers invoiced, bills paid, and payroll done


Whether you want help reconciling the books or invoicing clients, paying bills, and running your payroll we’ve got you covered.  Everyone on our team is a highly trained, skilled accountant. You can customize a plan that works best for you and your budget. 


You’ll complete your onboarding process electronically via a web form where we ask you a series of questions to gather information and your requirements. Once we have your intake form, we’ll schedule a Zoom meeting to ensure we have access to your accounting software. From there, your dedicated accounting team will get started working on your books.

Your Team

Every client is assigned a dedicated team. All Profit Matters team members are US employees -- we never outsource your work to offshore workers or contractors. At all times you’ll have someone available to assist you with your needs. Each team has a dedicated contact person for each individual client. We text, call, chat, and Zoom. You can always get your team on the phone to ask questions or share screens to better understand what’s going on with your accounting

Our Process

Each month we close the books and send you a set of CPA reviewed financial statements. Our guarantee is that we’ll have your books closed and your financials in your inbox no later than the 15th of each month. We can gain access to your bank/credit accounts for statements or you can upload those monthly. We can set up a dedicated email address/inbox for all of your accounting communications including AR/AP. Our recommended process for each client helps to keep things consistent and processed. It works like a well oiled machine.

Our Process

Monday -
bank transactions /
Tuesday -
accounts receivable
Wednesday -
accounts payable
Thursday -
Friday -

Software We Use

Why Profit Matters?

We built a platform to make it easy for you to do business with us.  Message us, share files, complete forms, set up a meeting, or categorize transactions all from one easy to use platform.  See our software demo today!

We believe just about any accountant should be able to tick and tie your balance sheet.  We want to go beyond accurate financial statements.  We are singularly focused on our vision — to provide an incredible customer and employee experience.  We’re flexible, we’re hardworking, we’re available – you can reach us via text, call or email on your device or our software/app.

What our customers think

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Why and how they use Profit Matters

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Why and how they use Profit Matters

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Why and how they use Profit Matters

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