Accounting & Bookkeeping, Simplified

No time for account reconciliation, customer invoicing, paying bills, or processing payroll? Leave it to Profit Matters.


Skilled Accountants, Custom Plans

Team up with skilled accounting and bookkeeping professionals for a customized plan that works for both your healthcare practice and your budget.


  • Answer a few quick questions about your needs via an online form
  • We’ll reach out to schedule a Zoom meeting
  • Your Profit Matters accountants will get started on your books!

Your Team

  • Dedicated, U.S.-based professionals
  • One dedicated point person who will always keep you informed
  • Your team is standing by, ready to address any concerns and answer questions in WorkSweet, our software platform that makes working with us a breeze

What to Expect

  • We can use a dedicated email address with your domain for all your Profit Matters accounting communications, including AR/AP
  • Every month, you’ll get reviewed financial statements delivered to your inbox no later than the 15th of the following month
  • You can upload your bank statements and credit accounts monthly, or we can handle that for you

Weekly Profit Matter Process

Monday -
bank transactions &
Tuesday -
accounts receivable
Wednesday -
accounts payable
Thursday -
Friday -

Software We Use

Why Us?

We go beyond accurate financial statements—we’re your dedicated bookkeeping partner, helping you strategize and free up time so you can focus on patient care.

Our streamlined, easy-to-use software platform has everything your health, medical, dental, or veterinary practice needs. Share files, complete forms, request meetings, categorize transactions, or request a meeting with your dedicated accounting team, all from one convenient place.

Success Stories

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They didn’t want a complicated process—just time-saving accounting. Profit Matters delivered.

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SpeedBlock Inc.

See how Profit Matters is helping SpeedBlock Inc. make more money with fewer employees.

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Rose Marketing Solutions

They needed more than a bookkeeper but weren’t ready to hire a CFO. So, they turned to Profit Matters.

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Profit Matters helped deliver business intelligence that helped BusyBusy improve its margins.

Turning Bookkeeping Challenges Into Solutions

Get comprehensive accounting and bookkeeping assistance that goes beyond your expectations—reach out to our experts today!

Schedule a time to talk with us about your business and how we can help.

Minimizing Your Tax Burden Worksheet

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