5 Steps to Building a Team of Freelancers

The ever-increasing amount of freelancers around the world means companies now have access to a large talent pool of specialists in numbers never seen before. If you’re looking to build your own team of remote workers by utilizing this pool of talent, Profit Matters offers some tips to help you get it right.

Qualities to Look For

The most successful freelancers often share the same characteristics. These include:

  • Communication skills: They’ll need to present themselves well over the phone and be proficient in a host of communication tools
  • Professionalism: Able to stick to promises such as meeting agreed to deadlines and conducting themselves ethically and legally.
  • Initiative: Be ready to ask questions if they don’t understand something yet can come up with and share ideas.
  • Flexible: Whether it’s waking up at 6 a.m. on a Sunday or working on a job that bores them to tears, freelancers need to be flexible.

Where to Find Freelancers

Industry-specific sites allow you to find freelancers with experience in your specific field, and there are online job boards where you can search for capable freelancers from all over the world. For instance, if you’re looking for freelancers in the Dominican Republic, an excellent place to start is Upwork. The online job board makes it simple to find remote workersfrom the DR.

Administration Tasks

Before hiring, specific administration tasks need to be taken care of, such as setting up payment methods and establishing a system to deal with invoices. Another thing to take into consideration is starting an LLC. This business structure offers more flexibility, and it’ll help you avoid double taxation and involve less paperwork than a corporation. If you’d rather not do all the legwork on your own, you can prevent costly lawyer fees by using a formation service. States have different regulations on starting up an LLC, so be sure to check before you get the ball rolling.

Staying in Touch 

How you communicate remotely with your freelance team depends on your preferences. Popular methods of communication include:

  • Zoom: A web video conferencing platform used by teams to hold meetings.
  • Microsoft Teams: A collaborative communication tool allowing you to chat, create channels, and run day-to-day correspondence.
  • Google Hangouts: Easy to start using and features messaging and video calls and Google application integrations
  • GoToMeeting: A web conferencing tool built specifically for businesses, allowing users to collaborate effectivelywith clear audio, visual and on-screen drawing tools.

Forwarding Payments

When paying your freelancer in the Dominican Republic, you have several options, but consider that using typical payment platforms could prove costly. A better, more cost-effective option would be to use a reliable money transfer service like Remitly to forward payments. If your freelancer prefers to receive pesos, you’re guaranteed an exchange rate of RD$59.15 per dollar at $0 fees for first-time transfers.

Your Team of Worldwide Freelancers

Now you know the qualities to look for in a freelancer, payment and communication methods, and certain administrative tasks such as forming an LLC, you can start reaping the benefits of having a team of worldwide freelancers.

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