3 Bookkeeping Fun Facts You Probably Knew Nothing About

Today, let’s put aside all the jargon associated with bookkeeping and have some fun.

Now, can you name any cool fact about bookkeeping or accounting that you know of? Hands up if you can…

Chances are, you can’t. And if you can, then you’re one in a zillion.

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Bookkeeping in itself can be quite tough at times, and you wouldn’t be mistaken to think bookkeepers never have fun.

Well, that’s about to change with the three fun facts about bookkeeping.

Fun Fact #1. Bookkeeping Contains Three Sets of Back-to-Back Double Letters

Bookkeeping” is the only English word with three sets of double letters arranged together.  You could literally fry your brains trying to think of any other word with such a combination but I guarantee you won’t find any.

The only proper noun in an English dictionary with this special combination is the word “Bookkeeper”.

But if you were to search deeply for something close to that, you might find words such as “sweet-tooth”; but then again, we’d have to include a hyphen somewhere. And if you were to cross over to Australia and take a mouthful of words, perhaps a place called “Woolloomooloo” would qualify as having numerous double letters, which puts it on a class of its own.

Fun Fact #2. Accountants Feature in the Oscars – Not the Way You Might Think

That’s right – Accountants are participants of the Oscars not for the awards but they are usually in charge of counting the ballots.

Of course, accountants also participate in preparing the accounts of the events, but not many would picture these professionals actively engaged in the showbiz space.

Since 1935, the Oscars has been engaging accountants in the vote counting process, making them the first to know the results before anyone else.

Fun Fact #3. The First Ever Recorded Name Belonged to an Accountant

If you were to dig into the history of mankind, you’re likely to come across the name “Kushim”. According to recordings by Dr. Yuval Noah Harari, the name represents the first ever recorded human, and it belonged to an accountant.

The scholar notes that during the early years of humans, there was a need to keep records for purposes of accountability. As you would imagine, accountants maintained such records.

The first ever recorded text is believed to have read in the lines of A total of 29,086 measures of barley were received over the course of 37 months. Signed, Kushim.”

And there was the name “Kushim” …appearing as the first officially recorded name in the history of humans.

The fun doesn’t end here, there are numerous other interesting things about bookkeeping and accounting. Let’s keep the fun going in the comments section below.

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