5 Software’s for Your Business in 2021

Digital marketing is getting very crowded, and the competition in the landscape is becoming more challenging each day.

The Best Software’s for Your Business in 2021

The internet has helped as there has been affordable software that businesses can access to streamline their daily operations and help their businesses to grow. As a result, more companies rely on software; however, choosing the right software can be challenging. Below is the best software for your business in 2021.


Kirk Simpson and James Lochrie founded Wave in 2020 to help businesses with their finances. The software serves many businesses around the world. Wave is an accounting software where you can check your income and expenses, send invoices, scan your business receipts, and track your business’s taxes at no cost. With Wave, you can connect several bank accounts and credit cards and set their profiles to help track income and expenses. In addition, this software will organize accounts, track payments and send invoices to help save time you could have spent doing so. The advantage of using Wave is that you don’t need to pay; however, some additional services require payment.


ProofHub is one of the most powerful software for managing your business. The platform includes most features that you will need to run your business. For example, the software allows you to streamline your process and share the files you have stored. In addition, the software has a mobile app that business owners can use with Android and iOS. With ProofHub, you will effectively manage your tasks and projects, use Gantt charts to track your projects, and track the time you spend on tasks.


FreshBooks is a popular tool that business owners can use for invoices and accounting. The software comes with many features to help you with your business financial management. Using the software will ensure that you create quick invoices, track your expenses, and many other features. You can also use the software to monitor your employees’ time spending on tasks and send bills to your clients accordingly. The software also has a feature to facilitate project management by handling all the activities related to your current projects.


To market your business, you will need an email marketing tool such as MailChimp to help you analyze your clients’ behavior. The software allows you to send your potential clients automated and personalized emails. You can also create targeted advertisement campaigns, send postcards, and many other features. MailChimp’s benefit is that you will get many email templates you can customize based on your needs. However, if you are a beginner, you may find the software challenging to use first as its interface is not very intuitive. You can also get CX customer service from accounting experts to market your business better.


Trello is a project management software that helps business owners to collaborate, connect and coordinate with their employees to ensure that tasks and projects get done. As the user, you will see the type of work your employees are doing and how much time they spend on a task, making it easy to get results from your team. The UI design for Trello is striking, and beginners can use its features effectively. However, if you are a pro marketer, you may feel like Trello only offers basic features that small teams should handle. Therefore, handling enormous projects with the software may be challenging.

Final Thoughts

Running a business can be challenging, and therefore you need the right tools to get your business on track. When expanding, you may feel a bit scared and worried that your business would not remain competitive; therefore, you will need to boost operational efficiency. The key to stay relevant is choosing software that will cater to your business needs and the nature of your work.

Written by: Regina Thomas

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