6 High Paying Jobs that Require Certifications

The list of high-paying jobs out there today is immense, and you need the right qualifications before choosing the right one. Aside from relating your preferred career to your passions in life, you must also learn about the best jobs out there today. These careers require you to go through certain training programs to ensure you can give valuable services.

These careers include:

1. Accounting and Finance Professions

All businesses today that have an income, revenue, or finances today probably need financial professionals. The range of tasks for financial professionals can include bookkeeping, financial planning, and various other jobs.

Various online coursework programs are suitable for financial professionals. But before you can pass these tests, you have to study for them. An excellent example for you to use would be how to study for the CPA exam. It’s a perfect way to boost your accounting skills and get a recognized certification.

A recent report from indeed.com showed investment bankers and informational technology auditors are the highest paying finance jobs. These professionals can earn over $60,000 in salaries each year.

2. Medical Service Providers

Medical service providers are responsible for ensuring people recover to optimal health. Additionally, the medical field has some of the highest paying jobs, which often can attract up to $40,000. The range of careers in this field can include nurses, doctors, and dentists. One has to get various certifications before becoming a licensed doctor.

The certification often requires a few years of classroom learning, which includes various medical concepts. It will also include field experience, where you have to face real-life medical situations.

3. Business Administrators

The various traditional operations have to be running optimally to ensure survival and progression. These can include supply chain management, stock keeping, human relations, and marketing.

Addressing all these aspects of business operations requires certifications because these procedures require some degree of technical knowledge. Business administrators with excellent

credentials and portfolios are eligible for positions such as CEOs. However, the competition in this field is immense, and you have to be at your level best if you want to get the best jobs.

A recent report showed that the average base salary for a business administrator could reach up to $55,000.

4. Legal Representatives

People get into problems with law enforcement agencies almost every day, which means they need legal representative services. A legal representative has the technical knowledge and experience of court procedures and legislation.

Lawyers are essential for various entities worldwide, and it’s one of the main reasons it’s a high-paying job. For instance, lawyers are necessary for government relations, criminal cases, insurance claims, and other issues.

5. Construction and Building Inspector

Before you can develop a building, there are various regulations and stipulations that you have to meet. Meeting these regulations will ensure your building is safe for human use, and this is the job description for a construction inspector.

Construction and building inspectors also have to evaluate the standards of worksites. Usually, this process occurs as an individual or as part of a team of individuals. A recent report showed that, in 2020, the average salary for a construction worker could average $62,000.

There are various technical concepts one has to learn before becoming a certified building instructor. Since buildings are present in almost every corner of the world, it’s easy to see why such a career has high-paying salaries.

6. Heavy Vehicle Mechanic

Heavy vehicles are essential for hauling different types of resources throughout the country. A heavy vehicle is an automobile that has a gross vehicle mass that averages more than 4.5 tonnes. The massive nature of these vehicles means that they require more maintenance and repair procedures than the traditional alternatives.

It’s also sometimes a more convenient alternative to options such as water or rail transport. So, a heavy vehicle mechanic ranks high up among the highest-paying careers today.

These professionals are responsible for ensuring trucks can get resources such as fresh produce to their destinations fast. They are also responsible for ensuring that trucks run safely on the traditional road networks.

Article Written by: Stephanie Snyder

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