Are Chatbots Effective Customer Service Tools?

Chatbots are changing the way that customers interact with retail companies and other service providers.

Before chatbots, you had to wait for a long time before speaking to a customer care representative. If you tried to speak to a customer care representative after hours, you probably didn’t get the response that you wanted. Chatbots have made it easier for businesses to grant quick replies to common questions.

How Your Organization Benefits from Chatbots

Chatbots have the ability to sift through terabytes of data to give your customers the answers they need in a fraction of a second. The vast majority of people call customer service asking the same questions. Before chatbots, customer service agents were literally answering the same questions over and over again. This happened so much that it became a meme of sorts. A famous television show discussing IT customer service has the tagline, “Did you turn it off and on?”

Instead of investing large amounts of capital in training customer service representatives to respond to repetitive questions, chatbots can do the job for a reduced operational cost. Since chatbots are programmed to provide answers to questions, they can improve an organization’s sales funnel. Chatbots that that are powered by AI are constantly learning. They can reach a point where they offer virtually seamless interaction with customers.

Making Chatbots Seem Natural

You have likely noticed that chatbots do their job better now than in years past. In fact, it can seem like you are talking to a real person. Why is it like this? It is because of advances in artificial intelligence.

Natural language processing (NLP) is the technology used to help computers and chatbots understand human-like speech and respond in a human-like manner. This is important because it is possible to ask the same question using completely different words. For humans, it is easy to decipher or interpret meaning because of how the human brain has been designed to interact with language. For computers, it is a bit more challenging.

NLP is the force behind a lot of your interactions with AI. NLP is not easy. This is because computers were not designed to think contextually. Computers compute things using a base collection of ones and zeros. Their way of thinking is binary. Everything is either yes or no.

NLP allows computers to take human text or human writing, understand what is been said, interpret it, and calculate an appropriate response. This response needs to be presented in natural language. All of this happens in a fraction of a second. The reason why chatbots are only now getting to the point where they can interact with humans on a sophisticated level is that technology has finally achieved the level of processing power needed to accomplish this task.

Chatbots Are Improving Customer Communication

Most organizations are concerned about interacting with their customers better. Most enterprises find it difficult to provide seamless customer service. Automated customer service chatbots can learn about customers, pull data about customers, and then build a personalized experience based on their needs. Customer service chatbots provide customers with faster solutions. They allow businesses to improve the way they interact with customers. Businesses that have not adopted chatbots are being left behind.

Chatbots Let You Help Your Customers When They Need It Most

Products break and services fail at the least convenient time. A business that only uses traditional messaging platforms, like emails or live chats, is limited when offering support to its customers. Nowadays, customers demand an immediate response from businesses. Businesses that don’t use chatbots and solely rely on traditional forms of communication are losing value.

No customer is patient enough to wait several hours before they get help. They want it now. Modern customers are quick to discredit organizations that are slow to respond to their needs. Since there are so many options available, they will quickly migrate to a more effective competitor. This means that AI chatbots can literally mean the difference in quality between your business and your competitor.


One of the biggest challenges organizations face in communicating with their customers is friction in communication. Chatbots provide a seamless, accurate, efficient, and inexpensive way to build customer loyalty and give customers the solutions they need.

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