Case Study: JPRConcrete

The following case study explains the impact that Profit Matters can have on business profits and growth.

A case study is a process or record of research in which detailed consideration is given to the development of a particular person, group, or situation over a period of time.

The Client

JPR Concrete offers a wide array of construction concrete and asphalt services. They are capable of serving their community in small projects as well as large projects for global clients. Patrick, the owner, says they enjoy their work and their motto is “On Time, Under Budget, In the Safest Manner Possible”. 


The Challenge

While Patrick may enjoy the services his business provides, he doesn’t enjoy keeping track of his accounting. Six months ago, Patrick shared with Profit Matters that he felt his books had inaccurate financial statements and no job costing in place. He feared that it would take him hours to identify and fix the problems in his books therefore taking his time away from growing his business. 

The Solution

Profit Matters took one look at his books and were able to identify projects that make the business money, what crews make the most money and when an estimate didn’t properly capture the scope. They implemented cost codes and phase codes for better tracking of project estimates vs actual cost allowing Profit Matters to help Patrick set expectations with the client and/or make change orders to keep projects profitable. 

The Result

After a short six months working with Profit Matters Patrick’s books and business growth have never looked better. 

  • 500+ transactions processed 
  • 100% increase in net income
  • 300% increase in sales 
  • 38 hours per month saved = in six months that equals 228 total hours that Profit Matters was able to free Patrick up to focus on growing his business instead of accounting = more sales and better operations in the field. 
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