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Welcome back to another extremely informative, always entertaining, and just flat out amazing episode of The Funny Money Show!

We quickly learn in this episode that Ashley has past childhood trauma from never riding English and Colleen can’t let go of the fact that her dad never allowed her to be a cheerleader. Luckily for our audience, we aren’t a therapy podcast but an accounting podcast…and today we’re talking about the life-changing tool of electronic bill pay!

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We thank you for that review! Now, onto the episode and what we learned. Gone are the days (well for some people, but not everyone) of the mundane bill pay by way of check signing, put in the envelope, seal it, stamp it, bring it to an admin, mail it. According to Ashley, you can avoid this entire process AND save 25% of your time by using online software. So, what are the options? – This is Ashley’s favorite option it connects with four different accounting softwares: Quickbooks, Xero, NetSuite, and Sage Intacct 

For a refresher on the different accounting software options, please listen to Episode 14

Plooto – works almost exactly like, just an alternative option – claims you will spend 75% less time on financing tools if you integrate with Roger

These electronic bill pay options take away the busy work of paying the bills, signing the checks, stamping the envelope, etc, you get the picture. These websites do it all for you! They also help you get paid 2-times faster. Ashley claims paying bills online to be life-changing. Once she discovered electronic bill pay, her entire year was made! 

Biggest takeaway, if you’re a business owner, you need one of these electronic bill pay options in your life. Go now, and get your account started! 

As always, if you’re looking for the most fabulous CPA, contact Ashley Altum. Or if you are considering launching a podcast, but don’t know where to start or have a clue what to do, email Colleen at 

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