Oh What Fun is Accounting Software!

You got it...today we’re talking about something your small business can NOT be without...accounting software!

Nowadays, there seems to be a million options for everything, and this holds true even with accounting software. How do you know which is right for you?! Luckily we have Ashley Altum, CPA to break down all the different types on this week’s episode of The Funny Money Show. Listen to the full Episode 14 HERE

Bottom line is that you NEED accounting software and even though it’s a tool that is user friendly, you can still make mistakes so having a CPA help you monthly or even quarterly is vital. 

Okay let’s take a look at your different options of accounting software.


– Ashley’s #1 recommendation. 

– Been around the longest

– User friendly

– Can get as low as $20/month for the essential version

– Links to bank account automatically


  • Starts around $10/month
  • Works like Quickbooks, but looks and feels different
  • Can link bank accounts
  • Not as robust in some areas as Quickbooks


  • Starts around $15/month
  • Can make invoices, collect payments

Zoho Books

  • All in one ERP for small businesses
  • Has a CRM
  • Built out a suite of products so there is one place for everything

Wave Financial 

  • 100% free 

Final advice from Ashley: If you don’t like a specific software, try to determine why you don’t like it. The solution could be as simple as you need help from a CPA or training to help you navigate the software. But, don’t give up on it! 

For more information or advice regarding specific accounting software, please contact Ashley Altum at Ashley@profitmatters.co and she will get you on the right track!

Interested in knowing more about how our accounting software can help drive profit growth for your business?

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