Top 10 Tools to Help Run Your Business Efficiently

Regarding running your company efficiently, leveraging the correct tool can be the determining factor whether you succeed or fail. Nevertheless, selecting the right tools for your business isn’t a walk in the park! According to Forbes, you need to find the correct combination of tools that boosts your company’s efficiency.

From project management tools to automation tools and marketing tools, the following are the top ten tools to help run your business efficiently.

1. Slack

Whether your business is well-established or a start-up, you can leverage Slack to enhance communication and collaboration between teams. Initially set up as a gaming company, today, Slack has become one of the popular internal communications and project management tools. This is no accident since it offers a user-friendly interface to give your users an incomparable user experience. This tool can help your business streamline internal communication and collaboration.

2. Hatchbuck

Hatchbuck is an all-inclusive marketing automation tool designed purposely for start-up companies. The tool makes the management of your contacts and tracking of leads simpler and more efficient. Since it’s fully automated, you can easily connect with existing and potential clients to generate sales.

3. QuickBooks

When your business enters the growth stage, maintaining proper financial records is mandatory. QuickBooks is a cloud-based accounting tool that will help you keep track of your company’s finances, manage and pay bills, and payroll functions. Furthermore, this tool is easy to understand and use even if you don’t have any accounting skills.

4. PandaDoc

As your business grows, its document management needs will automatically rise. For instance, new workers will have to sign onboarding documents or customers sign contracts. This tool helps in digitizing conventional operational processes and enhances their efficiency.

5. MailChimp

Over 70% of marketers concur that email marketing remains one of the best marketing strategies for small and large businesses alike. MailChimp marketing tool enables you to generate and send appealing marketing emails by leveraging existing templates. Besides, this tool provides useful analytics concerning the success of your company’s email marketing campaigns.

You always want to consider accessibility. This is where voice broadcasting services and video call services come in handy to make communication accessible and efficient.

6. Google Drive

As your company grows, the need for the storage of documents increases exponentially. It is at this point that you’ll need a way of securely storing important business documents. Fortunately, Google Drive is a free content storage and document collaboration tool that helps address your storage needs. With this tool, you get a free 15GB storage capacity. Besides, Google Drive is available for both Android and iOS smartphone apps.

7. Survey Monkey

Survey Monkey is a data analytics tool that increases efficiency in your company’s decision-making process. With this tool, you can create a customized survey poll irrespective of needing simple or detailed market research. With the help of integrated analytics, this tool collects real-time answers, text analysis, and a shareable presentation of the outcomes. Additionally, it enables your company to define and reach its prospects through the help of the ‘Survey Monkey Audience tool’.

8. Basecamp

A seamless project management process is crucial for the growth and development of your business. Basecamp is an outstanding cloud-based project management and collaboration tool that enhances transparency, communication, and visibility into the projects being undertaken. In turn, this increases efficiency in the decision-making process and cultivates trust from customers since they can access project progress reports.

9. Zoom

Recently, Zoom has become popular among the working class people due to the Covid-19 outbreak. With this tool, you can host an online meeting with your staff, whereby you can offer virtual training sessions. Therefore, even with the lockdown restrictions, your team can still stay updated about what needs to be done in your company. Ultimately, this enhances efficiency even without physically meeting with your team.

10. Zapier

All these tools can become even more useful if they can integrate efficiently. This is where Zapier can be useful. This tool leverages application programming interfaces (APIs) to link a large number of custom web tools. Eventually, having seamlessly integrated tools that complement each other helps run your business more efficiently.

Wrap Up

These top ten tools are what your business needs to run efficiently and promote growth. Therefore, take your time to explore each of them before deciding the ones that can suit the needs of your business. Ultimately, adopting these tools will help you increase your company’s efficiency. 

Article Written by: Tracie Johnson

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