Top Accounting Software Packages & Bookkeeping Applications to Look Out for in 2019

Let’s for a moment, imagine that all the business applications you know of today vanished in thin air; how would life be?

Apart from losing data, I’m sure some would probably give up on their businesses altogether.

Well, that situation can be likened to using an application that doesn’t help much in meeting its intended use in a business setup; in other words, a business operating under such conditions is no better than one running without any application.

Now, let’s narrow down ‘applications’ to the accounting and bookkeeping space.

There’s no doubt that in the last few decades, businesses have become more and more reliant on applications to operate critical functions including accounting, human resources, production, sales and marketing, and more.

But what most business owners never seem to give a serious thought is the kind of application that does exactly what their business needs to be done.

Since can’t speak much for the other arms of business, we took the initiative to compile a list of five accounting application to look out for in 2019. These applications are diverse and very intuitive, and they are better placed to meet your business needs.

That is why we highly recommend adopting any one of these applications. Of course, the list is not quite conclusive; so, you’re welcome to leave a comment of the accounting application you’re currently using and your industry and we’ll be happy to offer our expert opinion on its suitability in your business setup.

Application#1. QuickBooks Online (QBO)

QuickBooks is one of the oldest accounting and bookkeeping applications in existence today; the initial version of this tool was entirely offline and only available in a desktop version.

However, over time, the company has managed to take its operations to the cloud allowing businesses to maintain their financial records online. But the company still maintains a desktop version despite not being widely used.

QuickBooks Online allows you to maintain key business data such as sales, expenses, assets, and ultimately allows you to generate key financial reports.

Check out its features right here.

Application#2. Xero

Xero is a real-time accounting application mainly used by small and medium businesses around the world. Xero made a lot of improvements in what would be considered as the “weaknesses” of QuickBooks online.

Among other things, Xero strategically connects sales channels such as Amazon, connects to inventory tools, and so on.

Users of this platform have been able to manage information and generate accounting reports from the comfort of their mobile devices

Check out its complete list of features here.

Application#3. Sage50Cloud

Sage50Cloud is an online accounting application meant for small, medium and large organizations. Sage is quite popular in most parts of the world; users can use the application for the bookkeeping and accounting needs, inventory management, HR functions, POS, as well as payment processing.

Being a real-time accounting tool, users can access their business information anywhere at any time making it one of the most convenient business tools in this digital error.

Check out its full features right here.

Other notable accounting applications include but are not limited to:

Which accounting application are you currently using in your business? Also, are there any other accounting and bookkeeping applications you’d like us to add on this list? Let’s hear all about them in the comments section.

Interested in knowing more about top accounting software packages can help drive profit growth for your business?

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